Surviving the Two Week Wait...

You ovulated, did the deed... and now what? The waiting game begins.  Here's a few tips on how to survive those two long weeks between ovulation and taking a pregnancy test:

  1. STOP obsessing over pregnancy symptoms.

    It's easier said than done! Pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are very similar and can drive you insane trying to guess whether or not your BFP will show in two weeks.  So, step away from the search engines, and check out tip number two.
  2. KEEP busy.

    Staying busy will help with the obsessing... a little bit. Use this as an opportunity to see friends, enjoy alone time with your significant other, binge watch that TV show everyone is talking about, and do a house purging!
  3. SCHEDULE time to obsess.

    Yes, you read that correctly. It sounds crazy, but allowing yourself time to think about all of your symptoms and the what ifs will allow you to think about it, but not all day.
  4. GET support from people who understand.

    Nobody understands the struggle of a two week wait quite like someone who has, or is, going through the same. The beauty of social media is there are many Facebook pages dedicated for women, or couples, trying to conceive.
  5. TRY relaxation techniques.

    Relaxation techniques can be of great help during this time. There are many ways to deal with anxiety, from breathing exercises to meditation.  Always wanted to try yoga? Now's a great time to start.  It will help keep you calm, and busy, and provide the stress relief you need.
  6. WRITE down your what-if's.

    Sometimes, writing out all your 'what-ifing' can help you get the racing thoughts out of your head.  Ask yourself one of your what-if questions. Then, answer the question yourself.  The idea isn’t to talk yourself out of being afraid, but to get to the core of what you’re worrying about. It’s almost like playing therapist with yourself.
  7. GO easy on the pregnancy tests.

    Obviously as a company, we'd like you to purchase a lot of tests. However, obsessively testing will only lead to disappointment and anxiety. Our tests are extremely sensitive, but try to wait until your period is due before testing.  The best time to get an accurate reading is the day of your expected period, with first morning urine.  If the test is negative and you still do not have your period, test the following week.

    If you do get a positive pregnancy test, make sure to call your doctor for a confirmation and to set up future prenatal appointments.  Also, don't forget to share your good news on our Facebook page!

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