SurePredict™ Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Tests

About the product
  • Value Pack of 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips
  • All Tests FDA-Approved and over 99% Accurate
  • Allows you to pinpoint when ovulation occurs - the time you're most likely to conceive!
  • Provides earliest detection of pregnancy - 4, or more, days before your period is due.
  • Most sensitive at-home Pregnancy Test available: 10mIU with the new EZ Reader, to make test interpretation simple.

Combo Pack of 50 SurePredict Ovulation Tests and 20 SurePredict Pregnancy Tests. The 10mIU SurePredict(TM) tests are the most sensitive available urine pregnancy tests. Most other tests are 20,25 or 50mIU; but the more sensitive the test, the sooner a pregnancy is detected. These tests are easy to use and come with very complete instructions.

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